Easy Points

Lead Apparel Easy Points Program

We’re excited to offer our Customers Lead Apparel easy points™, a fun and easy way to build up Points that turn into Dollars at checkout. The program is available for registered accounts at Lead Apparel. Don’t have an account? Click Here.

1 Point = $1

Receive reward points when you make a purchase over $100

Earn reward points for purchases at Lead Apparel. The points are automatically added to your lead apparel account and redeemable for instant savings on upcoming purchases.

You’ll receive an email notification (like pic below) minutes after your place a qualifying order showing your point balance including a link to capture your promo code which will be needed at checkout.

How much do I get in points for my order?

When you spend $100 or more on any purchase, you automatically receive easy points to your account. For any purchase at or above the following number, you’ll earn the corresponding points.

Sign up for lead apparel exclusive offers and updates, earn 5 free points

You’ll receive an instant 5 points to your lead apparel account when you sign-up for our exclusive offers and updates. Closeouts, holiday promotions, new arrivals and ideas for logo clothing are posted frequently to our site and blog.

Scroll down to the bottom of any page and enter your email address, that’s it!

Using your points for a discount on future purchases

You can redeem your points at any time.

Step 1: Simply click the ‘spend your points’ link on the email you receive after earning points which will take you to our easy points store.

Step 2: Select the coupon your eligible for and a promo code will be generated.

Step 3: Paste this code at checkout

Terms & Conditions

Lead Apparel easy points™ Program is available for use in the United States, for U.S. residents only. To participate in the Program, a user must have a registered account at www.leadapparel.com.

Termination & Changes
The Lead Apparel easy points™ Program is offered by Lead Apparel and its affiliates where Lead Apparel reserves the right in its sole discretion to terminate all or any portion of the Program, including Program rules, benefits or conditions that may affect the value of easy points™ already accumulated by members.
If any change or termination is made to any or all of the Program features, a notice to this effect will be made at our web site, www.leadapparel.com. We may, but are not required, to send notice by email or mail via the United States Postal Service. In such event, unless otherwise stated, the Program will end at Midnight CST on the 15th calendar day following the day on which notice has been given.

Earning easy points™
Participants in the Lead Apparel easy points™ Program can earn points by various activities including purchases, referrals, social media activity and promotional sign ups.

Lead Apparel may, from time to time, offer bonus or promotional points that are temporary, such as a 24 hour offer not part of the normal reward program. Lead Apparel reserves the right to modify or eliminate such offers at any time.

easy points™ will expire 1 year (365) from the date the points are made available to your account.

Returned and/or Cancelled Orders
For items returned and/or canceled from an order, the respective amount of points earned initially will be deducted from your account.

Newsletter Sign Up
Please note, customers who opt out from the Newsletter before 1 year from the date of signup will have the 5 easy points™ deducted from their account.

Lead Apparel easy points™ have no cash value and are void if sold, purchased, brokered or bartered. easy points™ cannot be used to purchase gift cards, pay shipping, taxes or any other applicable transaction costs. easy points™ cannot be pooled with another members account.

Lead Apparel will make all reasonable attempts to maintain systems to accurately account, manage and redeem easy points™ earned by a Customer however the Company is not responsible for technical errors which may cause interruptions to the Program’s performance, calculations or redemptions.

Lead Apparel reserves the right to cancel or reject any Credits, Points, or Rewards which the Company determines, at its sole discretion, violate these Program terms.

Lead Apparel collects personal data when you participate in the easy points™ Program. Your participation in the Program is acceptance of the Terms listed here and the permission to maintain this data. Any tax liability related to the accumulation of points earned or redeemed by the participant is the sole responsibility of the participant.

The Lead Apparel easy points™ Program is issued by Lead Apparel Inc., an Illinois Company. Your participation in the Lead Apparel easy points™ Program will represent agreement that laws in the State of Illinois will govern the terms set forth.These offers are void where prohibited by law.