Our Team Objective

    We’re flattered that you’re interested in becoming part of the Lead Apparel team.

    Constantly building and improving the company to better serve our Clients is the daily objective for all of us working at Lead Apparel.

    Always asking the Golden Question….What does the Client need, want and expect?
    Understanding what is good today might change tomorrow. Keeping in sync with our Clients to meet these needs is always the objective at Lead Apparel.

    Our Team

    Our team is diverse, with different backgrounds and different interests although we have a common goal which is building a better company each and every day. The goal is to provide the Client with an experience of Quality, Satisfaction & Ease each time they turn to Lead Apparel for their Custom Logo Clothing needs. This is good business and the business we believe in.

    Our environment is built on the expression of ideas and helping other employees succeed while always asking the Golden Question “What does the Client need, want and expect?”

    Benefits & Incentives

    Lead Apparel offers a highly competitive compensation package to employees including: Annual Bonus programs, First Class Health Insurance and Retirement packages which share in the Company’s financial performance.

    Lead Apparel believes in our employees, knowing they’re the heart & soul of the company. With our talented Team, Clients have the confidence to entrust Lead Apparel with their Company logo clothing needs.

    What’s Your Talent?

    Send your thoughts and a description of talents for whichever best describes you.

    • Leading a team
    • Assisting other members of a team
    • Numbers and Accounting
    • Putting a smile on a Customers face
    • Evaluating and Implementing Technology
    • Marketing product and services