Business Polo Shirts With Logo


  • How much do business polo shirts with logo cost?

    There are several factors that determine the final cost for your business polo shirt with logo order. Here are the 3 main variables to consider:

    1. QUANTITY: Generally, you will receive a discount when you order more than 24 pieces

    2. LOGO On average, you should pay between $4-$6 per shirt unless your business logo has multiple lines of text or a lot of design detail.

    3. BRAND Brand names polo shirts like Under Armour or Nike will range between $30-$80 each however you can select non-branded polo shirts that from $15-$30

  • Are business polo shirts with logo worth it?
    Business logo merchandise can be an effective marketing tactic to build brand awareness while creating long term loyalty towards a brand or service. Research shows 62% of those receiving a promotional gift will do business on some level with that company within the next 12 months.
  • Why do businesses buy logo shirts and other branded merchandise?
    To understand the psychology of business logo merchandise is to understand the power of retail brands like Gucci or Ralph Lauren. A person wearing a branded logo item is committed to that brand in a psychological way. They believe in the product and what the brand represents. This principle is the same with business logo merchandise. When an employee or client decides to wear a business logo shirt, jacket or hat; the likelihood is they favor the business which then carries a positive connotation when others see them wearing the logo merchandise. So yes, businesses create powerful brand awareness using custom logo merchandise.